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Wow you must be board or something to be reading this, but hey what can I say I must be avoiding doing work to be writing it. Well I've been contemplating makeing a pointless website like this for quite some time, but you should feel very special only a select few people can view this page and your one of them. Wow your still reading I must say I am amized I haven't said anthing really interesting, but I am sure I've misspelled something or another and you'll probably tell me about it and then I'll have to go and fix it which wont be very exciting and who knows maby I'll never do it (now that last word I did on purpose just to see if you were paying atention, and me telling you is like that quiz where the teacher says read all the instructions before fallowing them and the last direction is to disregard all the other instructions, yeah) Still reading?? why?? why not click a link or leave or something because this really cant be all that exciting. ONLY THE FAMILY ALBUM WORKS RIGHT NOW

Updated 9/12/02

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