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Season 2


"Skin and Bones"

Original air date, October 2, 2000

A geologist doing some work in Roswell finds bones buried in the desert by using a metal detector. The bones are later connected to Michael's knife, which was found near the bones. Despite Sheriff Valenti's efforts to help him, it is up to Max to rally the others in order to save their friend from the FBI. In an attempt to forget about her relationship with Max, Liz finds a new job with a congresswoman. But finds out that the congress woman is also looking to prove the existence of aliens through an non-earth element she believes will be on the bones.


sab1.wav Max-No rock stand a chance against Michael Giern

sab2.wav Maria- I mean look at you your like a groveling dog....


"Ask Not"

Original air date, October 9, 2000

After Nasedo's murder, Max begins to realize that he cannot remain a passive leader. After a suspicious man takes over the UFO museum, he realizes that he must take charge of the group in order to keep everyone safe. Michael breaks into the museum, against Max's rules, in an effort to find out the truth. After almost being killed by a mysterious device, Michael becomes convinced that the curator is a threat and urges Max to eliminate him. Kyle returns from football camp, and after waiting two hours, finds out his dad id overly busy with Nasedo's murder investigation and Tess living in his room. Although unhappy with the new roommate, Kyle gives up his bed and promises to sleep on the couch. Liz continues to bury herself in her work hoping to forget about her feelings for Max. Not ready to give up on her, Max begs her to believe that he has no feelings for Tess.

an1.wav Tess- How do you think the Buddha would fell about being sandwiched between Hustler and busty biker babes

an2.wav Kyle- Hey this is my room and that's my Jersey Tess-Sorry Kyle- No...ware it.



Original air date, October 16, 2000

Max decides that he will throw Isabel a surprise birthday party in hopes of lightening things up a bit. But Isabel begins seeing flashes of an injured Tess, corresponding to a head ache she's had all day. Realizing that no one has seen Tess for hours, Max enlists Valenti's help and they set out to find her. Despite her orders from Max to stay at the party, Isabel feels compelled to find her friend and save her from whatever or whoever has taken her. Taking Maria Isabel's instincts lead her right to Tess. Sending Maria away Isabel goes looking for Tess alone. Finding her Isabel tries to carry her injured friend out of the holding place. However, things become a bit more complicated when the she encounters another enemy, Lizes boss and their congresswoman. After a long discussion the congresswoman tells Isabel she betrayed her people and that she should do it again and show her to the granalith.


"Summer of '47"

Original air date, October 23, 2000

Michael's History teacher tells him to interview a WWII veteran and write a paper about what he learns, to prevent him from failing. The soldier reveals through flashbacks that despite efforts from the government to stop him, he saved the lives of 2 pods, four embryos each, of aliens after the 1947 crash. Michael realizes that one of the pods contained him, Tess, Isabel and Max and that there must be four others like them out there somewhere. After speaking with the war survivor, Michael realizes that he has treated his friends unfairly. He apologizes to Liz and takes Maria to the Granolith to explain why he has been acting so strangely. Though somewhat surprised at the new attitude, they are both pleased to have Michael back in their lives.


"The End Of the World"


The Max of the Future comes back from a future where earth is taken over to change the past. In order to change the future Liz must make Max fall out of love with her. While Liz is having a terrible time trying to Max they can't be together Michael is trying to learn more about Courtney. This puts his relationship with Maria on the line, to discover that Courtney is a skin. Liz in a final attempt to get Max to turn away from him makes it appear she and Kyle have slept together. Max when he discovers Liz with Kyle he feels alone with no one to turn to, just like Tess.


"the Harvest"

After seeing a news clip about congresswoman Witikers death, the question of who would know haunts every one. After snooping around the office the group discovers that congresswoman Witiker is a member of the "universal friend ship league", and decide to check it out. Maria and Mitchell stay behind to find out more about Courtney. Isabel, Max, Liz, and Tess go to congresswoman Witiker's child hood house and meet her family, Including a little boy named Nicholas. The next morning at the funeral Max, Tess, and Liz discover that they are surrounded by skins, and when they try to run are trapped. Isabel who left the funeral early to fallow Nicholas discovers the skins are incubating new skins. Nicholas tells Isabel all about Velandra and how she will betray Max. Michael and Maria (and Courtney too) come to rescue the others, with no clue as of what to do. Luckily Courtney enters the skin chamber and distress the skins, causing the aliens much pain, and allowing Max and the others to escape. In the rush to escape Michael saves Coutney's Replacement skin.


"Wipe out"

Liz and Maria return to Roswell to discover every one has disapeared. When they go to the crash down they are reunited with the aliens and try to figure out what happened. It turns out Nicholas made every one vanish in an atempt to get the granailith.



"meet the Dupes"

The second set of aliens go to roswell to bring Max to a summit in New York. They eventaly get Max to go with them through trickery, and reveling Isabel as Valandra.


"Max In The City"

Max and Tess go to New York with Lanni and Rath to atend an alien summit meeting. Liz tells Maria about how future Max came back, and that she (unlike the rumors going through school) did not sleep with Kyle. Rath and Lanni are willing to betray Max for a chance to go home.



"A Roswell Christmas Carol"

Max is unable to heal a man who saved his daughter and is "haunted" by him. He turns to Liz and admits his fear of some one like Agent Pearce torturing him or his friends. Maria begins to believe she in in love with Brodie. After learning about how Brodies daughter is dieing Liz tells Max in hopes it will help him alevate some of his guilt. Takeing Michael with him Max goes to a hospital and breaking he original plan heals all the children in the ward. Michael after much suffering over the perfect gift, of a new bumper, for Maria discovers it is not the perfect gift but is saved by the "Christmass Nazi", Isabel.


"To Serve and Protect"


"We Are Family"


"How the Other Half Lives"


"Viva Las Vegas"



The Miricle