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In honor of those who have been lost.

The Humans

the Aliens


Max is back.

The Kings


"Busted" home

Cronicals what happened over the summer. Max and Liz's relationship has continued with some restictions set by Lizes mother, they are taking it slow. Then Maxes son tries to contact him and everything changes. He sets out to find the space ship they crashed in and the diamond that is the key to open it. After stealing the Diamond with Liz they go searching for the ship. Finaly finding it in a hidden room under a convienance store.


"The Great Snapple Capper"


Michel, in order to keep his relation ship with Maria, is in a finachal hole. So he finds another Job as a security gard. But he and his fellow empolies are fired becdause of a missing case of snapple. Michel feels guilty and returns the snapple at night only to discover his ex-boss is him self stealing. So michel and the guys break in to help get evidence, and thats when things go wrong.

(who knew snapple could cause so many problems, and diet snaple at that)


"significant others"

Isabel curios about her relationship with Jessie goes in to his dreams and sees him asking her to marry her, and she freaks out. Alex,, or his goast, tries to help her deal with this new fear, she even says that she has never felt this way before. She Asks Michael and Maxes premission to tell Jessie the truth but os refused. Mean while Isabel is "trying" to have a realationship with michael. Liz finaly sees what her relationship with Max is doing to her family.



"secrets and lies"

Max in further atept to find the space ship they landed in and reach his son goes to L.A.. Mean while Liz and Kyle , while visiting Kyles grandfather in a nursing home, discover an old murder during the filming of a B movie "they are among us." They then tie this murder to the other shapeshifting alien. Finaly all the secrets become reviled, Isabel is engaged to Jessie, Max finds out the identity of the other alien but is knocked out. To Be Continued.



Max poses as a screen writer and tries to convince the shapeshifting alien to help him find the space ship. Mean while Isabel is planing her weding much to the dismay of her parents, and the other aliens. Max discovers that the shapeshifting alien can not disobey him, so orders him to fly the space ship, which nearly kills him. Max returns home with nothing.


"To Have and to Hold "

The weding is all go, except the bride is having some strange and distracting dreams. The planing is now left on the sholders of Maria and Liz. Michael and Max, are testing Jessie to be sure he does not work for the government or is not an alien.



The Honnymoons just begun, only there is a third party there, Kavar.


"Behind the Music"


"Samuel Rising"


"A Tale of Two Parties"


"I Married an Alien"

Isabel Fantises what it would be like to live in a sitcom like Bewitched. An old reporter friend of Jessies comes to visit, looking for a story. He gets one that he believes is a joke, but is a little too close to home for Isabel.


When Max healed Liz it caused he to change, now those changes are makeing themselfs aperent. Liz is halusonting and causing things to melt or catch on fire. Mean while Maria is geting picked up by a record lable, and planing to leave roswell.