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RRD, also know as "the Famous RD" or "The Gem"

Technical skills-Knows what p=&i; means, do u??

Favorite activities- Killing people by spikeing Volleyballs at their heads ( i keep hopeing im not next)

DAL, Offical name given by ME "Queen Of The Bongos", also know as my hot friend. :)

Shes got some mad Skills- Knows what Moco is and catches the eye of all the guy's.

Enjoys- Well Playing the Bongos, Singing about Playing the Bongos, is The Queen of the bongos and curently looking for The King. (it's madness I know)

Famous last words

"Whenever my aunt is upset she has this dream of pots and pans chasing her through the Desert"

When she is not quite her self she confuses me with strange food items, mainly Pizzaaa on a bagle.

ERA- "I'm going to the Loo"

DAL-"Skip to my loo, hey is that the origin of that song??"


She is another of the people who can;t believe I'm almost 20

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